Rasptendo Case with Raspberry Pi 3


RASPTENDO Retro Gaming Case is the ultimate enclosure for your Raspberry Pi 3. The SNES inspired design brings back the fun and nostalgia of the roaring sounds of 90's and the quintessential images of the 16-bit graphics of the time.

When installed with a game emulator, like Retropie, your Raspberry Pi 3 with the RASPTENDO Retro gaming case becomes the best SNES inspired entertainment console.

The RASPTENDO CASE design and form factor resolves the common issues when turning your Raspberry Pi 3 into a game or entertainment console with its features.

Purchase our RASPTENDO Raspberry Pi 3 Kit to experience retro gaming to its fullest!


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RASPTENDO Complete Gamer Kit Box Contains:

  • Rasptendo Case
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • 2 Male to Female USB Extender
  • PCB for POWER and RESET Switch with LED Activity light
  • Connecting wires for the GPIO Pins
  • Mounting screws
  • Non-slip rubber bottoms
  • RASPTENDO Assembly Instructions


  • Rear access for HDMI and power cables
  • Functional POWER and RESET Buttons
  • Front USB Access for accessories
  • Easy access to micro SD card
  • Concealed access to LAN port when needed



  • 7-14 Days



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