The Rasptendo project is a collaboration of retrogaming enthusiasts and Raspberry Pi makers wanting to create something and share to the world.

The Rasptendo Case is our first crack at making a product that is made for the community of makers and gamers.  We hope that you support us so that we can make more exciting products in the future.

Build and inspire!

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  1. Hey guys! I really love this case! Although I don’t have a Raspberry Pi, I do have an Odroid Xu4. Do you have any plans to manufacture one of these for the Xu4? If so, take my money!

    1. Unfortunately we only have the Raspberry Pi 3 option at this time.

  2. Hey Guys,
    I am from Germany and wanted to ask, if you are planning to build the european version of your SNES case?

    1. This is something we are considering in the future, but in the it will probably by mid-2018 already.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I am looking forward to it and wish you good luck for your business.

  3. Hello i buy 2 cases , i am live in Brazil, when you send this case ? Tks friends

    1. Hi Deny, we are currently processing your orders. Please wait for the email regarding the tracking number of the shipment. Thank you!

  4. Do the shutdown script work in recalbox?

    1. Hi Miguel, unfortunately there is no support yet for Recalbox this time but we’re working on it. Subscribe here so you can be notified once we release the update. Thank you!

  5. I just got my Rasptendo. When trying to configure the power buttons to work, I found that it would not load emulationstation. The power and reset buttons work flawlessly. But now I can’t even play a game since ES won’t boot. So I figured maybe my retropie is just a little bit tweaked with customizations, so I started from a blank slate, formatted, installed fresh retropie image with not even a game. Again the buttons work great, but still can’t get ES to load. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Does your fresh install of the Retropie works prior to install the script? The script actually doesn’t make any modification in the ES. You can opt to install the script manually by following the directions here:


  6. When ordering the package with thr pi…does it come installed or do I still have to install?

    1. Hey Michael, it doesn’t come with the SD card so you still have to install.

  7. Where are the cases being shipped from?

  8. Interested in a bulk purchase – please contact me.

    1. Hi, Adam

      You can send an email to cs@argon40.com

  9. Is it possible to install a fan?

    1. Hello Robert, there is still enough space in the case for a miniature cooling fan powered through your GPIO power pins. Unfortunately we are not selling cooling fan units for now, but this one by Adafruit for example is a good option.

      1. Fantastic, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. Where and how would you mount it?

  10. Hi. Just wondering if i can put a Raspberry pi 1 or 2 or 3 in this. Just received it and noticed it said Raspberry pi 3b on it.

  11. Dear seller, I would like to buy a rasptendo case but there is no shipping option for Brazil. Is it possible to ship to Brazil?

    1. Hi, Apologies for the late reply. We do ship to Brazil, but timeframe would be dependent on the courier.

  12. Sir/Ma’am,
    Pleasure to meet, I am Austin form the SimplyAustin Youtube Channel.
    I have to say I have recently come across your cases and I LOVE the look of them. It would be a great to get hold of some of your products and feature them, either in a standalone review or in one of my Complete Build videos (full setup including Pi, image, etc)

    More than happy to cover any costs involved if needed, but be super amazing if you could give me a heads up on any products, news or future releases you have in the pipeline. The problem I have at the moment is that I am UK based and unable to get my hands on one through Amazon etc

    Pleasure as always and keep up the great work!




  13. Wow I did not know you guys ship out of HK. How Lon would t take for me to receive my order to FL ??

    1. Hi, Julian

      It should take around 7-14 days to ship from Hong Kong to Florida.


  14. How does one access the other two USB ports after assembly? I ask because if I decide to play a 4 player game with wired controllers, I’d only have easy access to the ones on the front.

  15. Do you ship to Brazil? At the end of the purchase, it is not possible to choose Brazil as the sending country.

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