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Adding a fan to your Rasptendo

We are receiving a lot of comments and messages on how to install a cooling fan with your Rasptendo setup that we felt the need to do a post about it. Anyway, here it goes.

Almost all cooling fans that you can buy for the Raspberry Pi make use of Pin 4 (5V) and Pin 6 (Ground) and that they are packaged with the two wires attached together. Unfortunately, Pin 6 is occupied by Rasptendo’s board, thus the dilemma. Fortunately, there are lots of Ground pins in your Raspberry Pi (8 pins to be exact). Seems pretty straightforward, because it actually is, although you have to get your hands a little dirty.

One easy way is that you can buy female to male jumper wires so you won’t need to split the wires. You can buy these in your local electronics store for less than a dollar. Another way is just really splitting the wires.

A female to male jumper wire

The next step is connecting the fan’s ground wire to a ground pin in your Raspberry Pi. You can choose any ground pins in this image. I recommend Pin 39, it’s easy to see so it’s less error-prone.

Note: The ground wire in your fan is usually colored black